Contacts for Locating Data for Economics Department, Finance, and ORFE

Subject Contact
Development/Foreign Direct Investment/Trade Todd Hines (Juniors/Seniors); Bobray Bordelon (Others)
Monetary & Fiscal Policy/Economic & Political Risk Bobray Bordelon
Tax/Government Finance Todd Hines
Foreign/International Economies - other macro topics Bobray Bordelon
US Economy - other macro topics Phebe Dickson
Sports Economics Todd Hines

Environmental Economics, Finance & Operations Research

Environmental & Energy Economics Todd Hines
Finance and Investments / Financial Engineering Todd Hines
Operations Research Andrea Baruzzi
Subject Contact
Education/Labor/Industrial Relations (Macro or Micro)

Phebe Dickson

All other microdata including Health, Demography, Social, Crime Bobray Bordelon

For other departments:

Politics Jeremy Darrington
Sociology Mary George
Woodrow Wilson Nancy Pressman Levy, Joann Donatiello, & Elana Broch



Please contact Bobray Bordelon if your topic doesn't fall into any of these categories.