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The Basics (always a good place to start)
Statistical Abstract                  

Almanac of American Education compilation of statistics including NCES; published by Bernan (most recent issue is 2006)

National Center for Education Statistics at Department of Education (NCES)  Many programs, from preschool through postsecondary.  The sitemap can give you an overview. Table 1 contains a summary of the major surveys and the data that is collected. Online publications (including many annual reports going back to 1991) can be searched at  These include, but are not limited to

Condition of Education from NCES 

Digest of Education Statistics from NCES (in print in Social Science Reference Center at Firestone Library back to 1973; L112 .xD5).  Online versions available back to 1991                            

Other widely-used programs available on the NCES website include

Census Bureau


o    EPE Research Center (by the publishers of Education Week).  Primarily K-12, including public school salaries)


Special Topics


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[1] Several years ago ICPSR discontinued support for the International Archive of Education Data (IAED) Web site. The site was sponsored through a contract with the National Center for Education Statistics which was not renewed. All ICPSR data collections included in this site are still available to the membership (via the ICPSR Web site) and we will continue to respond to user questions about these data.