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Online news and current information

  • Latin American Newsletters - Latin American Intelligence Service
    Source of current information on political and economic developments in Latin America and the Caribbean. Consists of the following components: Latin American Weekly Report, Latin American Economy & Business (monthly), four regional reports (Mexico & NAFTA, Caribbean & Central America, Andean Group, and Brazil & Sourthern Cone), and other information services.
  • Latin American Newsstand
    Provides full-text of many major national and regional newspapers from Latin America as well as other news services. Does not include advertisements, photos, or graphics. Coverage starts with 2005 for most titles.
  • Information Services Latin America (ISLA)
    Press monitoring service tracking coverage on every Latin American country from the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Financial Times, Manchester Guardian, Christian Science Monitor, Wall Street Journal and Miami Herald on a monthly basis. Organized by country, arranged within each country by topic, and chronologically within each topic. Online version starts with August 2007. Print edition available since 1970.
  • Lexis-Nexis Academic
    Some components in this database provide full text of many major national (US) and regional newspapers, as well as some international coverage. For Latin American and Iberian news sources, select 'Non-English language' news category.
  • Factiva
    Full-text of many major national (US) and regional newspapers, as well as some international coverage. For Latin American and Iberian news, select the appropriate 'Source category.'


Table of current and historical newspapers in various formats at Princeton

Country/City Title Print Digital* Microform
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Herald     MICROFILM S0097
(1968-1985 incomp.)
La Nación Current issues in NR Latin American Newsstand (2005+)

Noticias sobre todo lo que pasa en el mundo RBSC Off-site
(1973-1974 ,incomp.)
(1973-1974, incomp.)
Página 12 Current issues in NR   MICROFILM S01904
(May 1987-Mar 1991)
La Voz del Interior   Latin American Newsstand (2005+)  
Rio de Janeiro
Cidade do Rio     MICROFILM S01785
(Oct. 13, 1887-Dec. 29, 1888)
Correio da Manhã     MICROFILM S00916
(Jan. 1962-April 30, 1974)
Gazeta da Tarde     MICROFILM S01606
(Jan. 16, 1883-Dec. 31, 1886)
O Globo   Latin American Newsstand (2005+)  
Opinião     MICROFILM S00021
(Oct. 23, 1972-Apr. 8, 1977)
São Paulo
O Estado de São Paulo     MICROFILM S00917
Folha de S. Paulo   Latin American Newsstand (2005+)  
Gazeta Mercantil   Latin American Newsstand (2004+)  
El Mercurio   Latin American Newsstand (2005+)
Santiago Times   1993+ (See Main Catalog entry for access information)  
El Siglo Current issues in NR   MICROFILM S00055
(1962-1973; 1983-1997)
Costa Rica
San Jose
La Nación   Latin American Newsstand (2005+)  
La Habana
Granma (Spanish daily) Current issues in NR Factiva (2002+) [International ed.] MICROFILM S00919
Granma (English weekly)     MICROFILM S00809
Hoy     MICROFILM S01661
(July 1-Oct. 3, 1965)
Noticias de Hoy     MICROFILM S01556
(1938-1949, incomp.)
Revolución     MICROFILM S00010
(1959-1965, incomp.)
La Tribuna de La Habana     MICROFILM 12086
(1990-1993, incomp.)
El Comercio   Latin American Newsstand (2005+)  
Siglo Veintiuno   Latin American Newsstand (2005+)  
Brooklyn, NY
Haiti Progres Current issues in NR    
Le Nouvelliste   CD-ROM (Computer File 136)
Weekly Gleaner Current issues in NR Ethnic Newswatch (2002+)  
Mexico, D.F.
The American Star     MICROFILM S01730
(Sept. 20, 1847-Oct. 10, 1847)
The Daily American Star     MICROFILM S01730
(Oct. 12, 1847-May 30, 1848)
El Día     MICROFILM S01471
(July 1968- Mar. 10, 1971)
Excelsior     MICROFILM S00918
El Financiero   CD-ROM (Computer File 2)
La Jornada Current issues in NR   MICROFILM S01065
El Nacional     MICROFILM S00002
Reforma Current issues in NR Latin American Newsstand (2005+)  
El Universal   Latin American Newsstand (2005+)  
Mural   Latin American Newsstand (1998+)  
El Norte   Latin American Newsstand (1995+)  
Barricada     MICROFILM S00578
El Nuevo Diario     MICROFILM S00579
La Prensa     MICROFILM S00623
El Comercio   Latin American Newsstand (2005+)  
El Diario     MICROFILM 06229
Puerto Rico
San Juan
El Nuevo Día   Latin American Newsstand (2005+)  
The San Juan Star Current issues in NR    
El País   Web subscription (1976+) MICROFILM S00378
El País   Latin American Newsstand (2005+)  
La República  

Latin American Newsstand (2005+)

El Nacional   Latin American Newsstand (2005+)  

* Latin American Newsstand offers access to more newspaper titles than those listed above. Lexis-Nexis Academic and Factiva also cover some of the titles listed above and many others. Date coverage often varies across databases.


Additional country and subject specific news resources

  • CubaNews
    Source of current information on political and economic developments in Cuba. Click here for user name and password information.
  • Ecoaméricas
    Monthly report covering development and the environment in Latin America.
  • Hemeroteca Digital. Biblioteca Nacional de España
    Provides full-text access to the historical files of numerous Spanish newspapers. Publishing dates range from 1772 to 1933. The application allows searching by title, place of publication, dates, and keywords.
  • The Jewish communities of Latin America: Spanish language newspapers from Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay.
    See Main Catalog for specific titles and dates. Call number: Microfilm 12131


Beyond Princeton

  • Latin American Newspapers in United States Libraries: A Union List
    Compiled by Steven Charno (Conference on Latin American History Publications, University of Texas Press, 1968). This resource remains one of the best reference works for publishing information and newspaper holdings related to Latin America. No subsequent publication has superseded it in terms of comprehensiveness. This resource, long out of print, presents detailed holdings data on approximately 5,500 Latin American newspapers in U.S. libraries. Though published nearly 40 years ago, "Charno" as it it known, is still viewed as an essential guide for the analysis of holdings for the many Latin American newspaper collections in the U.S.


Newspapers on the web

  • LANIC - News
    Gateway to extensive list of Latin American and international newspapers on the web.
  • ABYZ News Links
    Links to online newspapers and other news sources worldwide. It is primarily composed of newspapers but also includes many broadcast stations, internet services, magazines, and press agencies.


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