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Latin American Resources at the Mudd Manuscript Library

The Mudd Library is the principal repository for the Library's Public Policy Papers, which include important collections representing individuals and organizations in the areas of 20th-century American foreign policy, jurisprudence, journalism, public policy formation, and international development.

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The following listing names several collections of Public Policy Papers containing important documentation related to Latin America:

Hamilton Fish Armstrong Papers

Norman Armour Papers

George W. Ball Papers

Arthur Ballard Papers

Rodger Baldwin (American Civil Liberties Union)

Isaac W. Carpenter Papers

Council on Foreign Relations

Allen W. Dulles Papers

John Foster Dulles Papers

Edward Mead Earle Papers

Franklin Book Programs Archive

Freedom House Archives

Peter Frelinghuysen Papers

Arthur Garfield Hays Papers

Albert O. Hirschman Papers

Edward Kemmerer Papers

Robert Lansing

Sir William Arthur Lewis Papers

George McGovern Papers

David Morse Papers

Dana Munro Papers

Rubber Development Corporation, Amazon Division Collection

H. Alexander Smith Papers

Adlai Stevenson Papers

William Trimble Papers

Women's World Banking

Harry Dexter White Papers

Joshua Butler Wright Papers

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