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Social Science Reference Center

Social Science Reference Center

The Social Science Reference Center is located on A Floor of Firestone Library, across from the Reserve Reading Room.
Research assistance is available at the Trustee Reading Room (First Floor) during posted hours.


Social Science Reference Center is open whenever the library is open. Reference service is available in the Trustee Reading Room at the following times :

Hours during the academic year:
Mon-Fri: 11am- 5pm
Sun: 1-5 pm

Exceptions apply during holiday, recess and intersession periods

Detailed Hours:

Social Science Collections

Scope of the Collections:

The Social Science Reference Center, located on A floor of Firestone Library, provides materials and staff to support reference, research, and most statistical and data analysis in economics, political science, industrial relations, sociology, and law. In addition, specialized assistance is offered for a wide range of United Nations, United States, New Jersey and European Union documents.

Both social science reference specialists and data consultants are available on a walk-in basis and also by appointment for individual consultations on in-depth research. Found in the Social Science Reference Center on A Floor are working collections of major reference social science sources in electronic, paper and micro-formats, include directories, handbooks, codebooks, statistical compendiums, periodical indexes, statistical package manuals, and government documents.

SSRC's Data and Statistical Services unit maintains collections of machine-readable data in many fields, with an emphasis on the social sciences. It offers access to data files from such organizations as the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Science Research (ICPSR), the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, and the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS).

Contact Us

Trustee Reading Room Reference Desk Phone: (609)-258-5964.

Bobray Bordelon

Economics, Finance and Data Librarian
(609) 258-3211

Carol D. Houghton
Manager for Law and Politics Collection and for United Nations Documents Collection
(609) 258-3178
Colleen Burlingham
Microforms Head / Documents Unit Supervisor
Micro. (609) 258-3297
Doc. (609) 258-9151
Ginger Kou
Industrial Relations Collection Manager
(609) 258-9152

Jeremy D. Darrington


Politics Librarian
(609) 258-3209
David B. Long
Economics Collection Manager
(609) 258-5335

Alexis Furuichi

Data Services Specialist
(609) 258-6053

Linda R Oppenheim
Industrial Relations Librarian and New Jersey Documents Specialist
(609) 258-4043
Mary W. George
Senior Reference Librarian, European Union Specialist
(609) 258-3254
Oscar Torres-Reyna
Data Services Specialist
(609) 258-6051
Todd M. Hines
Assistant Economics and Finance Librarian, Sports Collection Specialist
(609) 258-4459
Susan Bennett White
Sociology Librarian and United Nations Documents Specialist
( 609) 258-4814
David Hollander
Law and Legal Studies Librarian and U.S. Documents Specialist,
(609) 258-5316




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